Our Local Farmers.

These dedicated professionals are the reason we started the Watershed Cafe. Together we are demonstrating how a local food system can work; as a symbiotic relationship. We adjust to seasonal changes in supply. They listen to our requests for specific varieties or increased supply. Our pork and egg farmer (a high school junior!) collects all of our food waste for her animals, closing the circle of resources and raising pork with a more diverse diet and less imported grains.

In addition to those listed here, our quiet corner of Montgomery County boasts many more vegetable farms, orchards, meat and dairy farms and vineyards. We invite you to take a drive (or a bike ride) through this "New Nappa" and stop by the Watershed to taste the results.

Kenzie’s Koop, Sugarland Rd., Poolesville

Pastured Pork and Eggs

Distance: 4 miles


Chocolates and Tomatoes Farm, River Rd., Poolesville

Organic Fruit and Vegetables

Distance: 5 miles


Cherry Glen Goat Cheese Company

Barnesville Rd., Boyds 

Distance: 8 miles 


Kingsbury Orchard, Peach Tree Rd., Dickerson

Tree fruits and Berries

Distance: 3 miles